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Magical Drop and DIY shmup maker Dezaemon Kids on PSN imports today


MonkeyPaw Games returns today with more PSOne imports, including a second Dezaemon shooter-creation utility! Available today for $6, Dezaemon Kids further simplifies the creation interface for scrolling shooters, and -- oh yeah -- throws in over 100 sample games. It's a good thing the interface is designed with simplicity in mind, because as with all the PSOne imports, the text is presented in the original Japanese.

The other game, Arcade Hits: Magical Drop, is a port of the original arcade game in Data East's beloved color-matching puzzle series. Both will be available whenever the PSN update happens today.

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Gallery: Arcade Hits: Magical Drop (PSN) | 8 Photos

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Second Helpings with the Release of Arcade Hits: Magical Drop and Dezaemon Kids!

We've now reached our first year of imports on the PlayStation®Store. The first 19 games have been received with welcome response from our users. This week we're presenting two titles whose sister games have already graced the Imports section.

Arcade Hits: Magical Drop is the original game from this classic series. We previously bought you Magical Drop F, which was a later game in the series but also contained a little bit of Japanese text. Remember, the Imports are all presented in Japanese to preserve their originality.

Arcade Hits: Magical Drop is the simple yet addicting puzzler that has an easy pick-up and play dimension. We heard from fans that wanted the original so they could bash their buddies with its fast and furious versus-mode. Take a trip down memory lane with the first game in this great series.

Dezaemon Kids! is the sequel to our popular create-play-share shooter, Dezaemon Plus! These games are some of my personal favorites as I love the ability to create my own schmup. Dezaemon Kids! has a slick pictorial interface and contains over 100 shooters in its sample library, some of which are worth the price of admission alone. Quite the value at $5.99.

Your undying support keeps us going and reminded of the forgotten gems that deserve revivals. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing you many more classic Japanese gems in the coming year.

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