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Samsung requests iPhone 4S source code in Australian court


Samsung continues is counter-assault on Apple in Australia, now requesting that Apple show it the the subsidy agreements that the company has with the Australian carriers and also the source code to the iPhone 4S firmware.

Samsung's attorneys told the court that the company needed both the carrier agreements and the firmware source code in order to prove that there are grounds for a ban of the iPhone 4S in Australia. Samsung alleges that the technology used in the iPhone 4S infringes on three of its patents. According to Apple, Samsung had agreed to license those patents under the Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory terms (FRAND) standard.

Samsung has also tried to get the iPhone 4S banned in Japan, France, and Italy, but an Italian judge threw out Samsung's request, making it unlikely that Samsung would be successful in getting Apple's latest iPhone banned in any European country.

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