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Twelve South's PlugBug solves all your charging needs


We've appreciated TwelveSouth's work before -- the BookBook especially has earned some praise from various members of the TUAW staff. But I definitely like this new item, called the PlugBug. Yes, it's a standard charger, designed to combine both your iPhone or iPad and your MacBook (Air, standard, or Pro) into one outlet. There are a few devices that will do that, including, you know, just a usual power strip.

But I really like the look of this one, and the fact that it seamlessly combines with all of Apple's usual cords and hardware. That top red part is essentially a USB charger (which is helpful -- I've had to use the wall chargers much more often since picking up my iPad, especially while traveling), and then of course that bottom part above is just the usual MacBook charger, with the wall plug segment pulled off (note that the PlugBug only includes the red part, not the MagSafe charger itself). I like it -- simple, easy to use, and as versatile as I need it for charging while on a trip. The PlugBug is available for $34.99 right now.

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