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Dungeon Defenders sales hit 250K, majority on PC


The little co-op tower defense action game that could, Dungeon Defenders, has achieved 250,000 sales. A good start for Trendy Entertainment's solid game that came out during the big bad launch week of Batman: Arkham City. Actually, Batman's no-show on PC may have been a blessing for Dungeon Defenders, since it sold 200K units on PC alone, accounting for 80% of sales.

Trendy plans to continue supporting the title with community events for PS3 and Xbox 360 players, with details found in the gallery below (or downloadable here). The events will include special game modes with the devs and a chance to win unique loot.

Definitely check out Dungeon Defenders if you've got a group to play with . It's easily one of the best co-op experiences of the year with plenty of content.

Gallery: Dungeon Defenders (Community Events) | 4 Photos

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Trendy Entertainment Celebrates 200,000 Dungeon Defenders PC Units Sold, Releases Console Community Event Schedule

These Four Nifty Wallpapers Will Remind Fans When They Should Jump Online to Play Unique Game Modes with Trendy and Score Unique Gear!

Twain Harte, CA – November 2 – Trendy Entertainment, D3Publisher and Reverb Publishing announced today that its recently released action/tower defense/RPG mash-up Dungeon Defenders, with 200,000 units sold on PC alone, is a runaway success with over 250,000 sales total on all three platforms – Steam, Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation® Network. To celebrate, Trendy is announcing one of its many plans to continue to support the game across all platforms, with free, weekly community events for PS3 and Xbox 360 players. These events will allow gamers to play special game modes with the devs and have a chance to win unique loot found nowhere else.

The listing of these events can be found on the following wallpapers, which fans can use to remember when to hop on and play!

Download the Community Event Wallpapers Here:

Dungeon Defenders brings together the best elements of tower defense and action-RPG progression in a fully 3D environment; spreading the four-player co-op mayhem out across 15 unique maps – 30 challenges, four difficulty settings – in all its loot-raiding, spell-casting, level-up stacking glory. Players control one of four distinct heroes – Squire, Apprentice, Huntress and Monk - in an epic bid to fight back an ancient evil. Each character comes with distinct functionalities, and players can create and customize an armory of weapons and equipment. The campaign, whether with friends or solo, has tons and tons of gameplay with hundreds of loot drops (all upgradeable and customizable) to make each character that much more distinct.

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