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Samsung to depose Jony Ive, other Apple designers


Samsung is set to depose Jonathan Ive and other Apple designers by December 1st. The depositions are in preparation for the July 2012 trial that will decide the outcome of the plethora of lawsuits the two companies have filed against each other. Originally the depositions were supposed to be done by mid-October, but Samsung's lawyers asked for an extension due to the lack of witness availability. Samsung told the judge that "Mr. Ive is unable to sit for deposition before November 1 for personal reasons." The three other people being deposed all had similar reasons for being unavailable.

In addition to Ive, Samsung is set to depose former Apple color materials manager Doug Satzger; industrial designer Shin Nishibori, who is named on the MacBook Air and iPhone 4 patents; and Christopher Stringer, whose name Edible Apple points out has been appearing on Apple patent filings "for years."

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