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Ubisoft acquires RedLynx, developer of Thousand Heroes and DrawRace 2 for iOS


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Game developer Ubisoft, publishers of some of the biggest franchises on HD consoles, has picked up developer RedLynx, makers of XBLA's great Trials HD, as well as a few solid iOS titles, including Thousand Heroes and the excellent DrawRace 2. Ubisoft says it will use the purchase to both further RedLynx's properties, including Trials, to more platforms, as well as take advantage of RedLynx's asychronous online gameplay expertise to work on its own titles. Ubisoft does have quite a few iOS apps out and available at the moment, but presumably this acquisition will beef up that library.

There isn't any information on how much Ubisoft paid for the purchase, but hopefully this will bring better games from both companies, as they share resources for all of the various platforms they deliver games on.

[via Joystiq]

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