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Want to freelance for Massively? We want you! [Updated]

Shawn Schuster

The thing about game journalism is that it can usually be done from anywhere in the world, but sometimes there are press events that call us out of our pajamas and into large crowds of gamers and developers. Here at Massively, we have staff working from all over the globe -- from Ireland to California to Alabama and many places in between. But that's not enough of a global presence to cover as much as we'd like, so we often miss out on studio tours and special events because we won't accept travel expenses paid from studios.

So to help alleviate that problem, we're looking to assemble a team of writers to cover these press events, tours, and conferences from their own backyards. These freelancers wouldn't be regular part-time or full-time staff, but rather would only be called upon for special events local to them.

Read on past the cut for complete details on what areas we're looking for and how to apply.

First off, we're only looking for people in or within the immediate vicinity of the cities listed below:

United States
- Austin, Texas
- Boston, Massachusetts
- Los Angeles, California
- New York, New York
- San Francisco, California
- Seattle, Washington

- Cologne, Germany
- London, UK
- Paris, France
- Reykjavík, Iceland

- Busan, South Korea
- Seoul, South Korea
- Tokyo, Japan

Application requirements:
Thoroughly read our Contribute page to learn what's required of each applicant. You'll be following the directions for a Contributing Editor, not Columnist. The one exception to that page for this specific application process is that the title of application email should be "YOUR NAME -- Listed city you're applying for." Also, when covering events, you need to be quick. This means you're writing as soon as you leave the event, not when you recover from an afterparty hangover.

It's very important to note that we are doing this for the sole reason of finding people in certain locations to represent us at events. So, for example, if you live on the North Pole, you can't apply for a San Francisco position. Sorry, Santa!

Make sure to get your application in by November 11th (11-11-11, wooo!) at 11:11 p.m. EDT. During that weekend, we will cull the applications to pick a few of the best ones to represent each area. We'll contact our choices by November 15th and assemble The List™ from there.

The List™ will be our go-to source for event coverage, so some may have only one name for a particular area, while other larger hubs may have three to four names. Remember that even though you'll be a freelancer, you'll still be representing Massively at these events, so professionalism is a must.

If you have any questions at all about the process, read the Contribute page again, then ask your questions below or send them to

[Edit: Just to clarify a question that's been asked a lot: Travel expenses would be paid by the freelancer, not by us. That's the main reason we're looking for local people -- to minimize travel expenses.]

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