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EVE Online introducing new nebulae


The final frontier is about to get a whole lot prettier, as CCP has announced in a dev diary today that it's working on introducing a smattering of new nebulae to EVE Online. The team hopes that doing so will make the game more immersive and realistic to players.

On top of that, the new nebulae will also help to give players a sense of location. Lowsec and nullsec space will be darker, with cooler color palettes. Meanwhile, hisec space will be more colorful and saturated with warmer color palettes. And "by stellar coincidence," as the team puts it, "the dominant stellar phenomenon of each race happens to be in the same color palette as the ships of that race."

For more information on the new nebulae and the reasons for their introduction, head on over to the official EVE Online dev blog.

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