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PAX East 2012 tickets now available


PAX East 2012 registration is officially open, so grab those three-day passes quick, because they are always the first to go. Although there will be more tickets this year for the regularly sold out show in Boston, the event will take place over Easter and Passover weekend, so be aware of those in case you have familial obligations.

"It wasn't our first choice by any means, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we're working with the city to hopefully prevent it from happening again," PAX East organizers stated.

Organizers also warn that they had issues with counterfeit badges being sold to unsuspecting attendees at PAX Prime this year. They warn if you buy a fake badge from someone else that it won't get you into the show and they won't be able to help. So, if you grab a ticket now, you'll be all set for April 6-8.

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