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WoW Moviewatch: Quest Busters, Episode 1 - Even Thieves Get Hungry


We've featured the AFK Players previously, but it's been a while since we've heard from them. The AFK Players are well known for amazing graphics, a catchy sense of humor, and witty, strong narratives.

They've now released what may be one of the finest machinima videos ever created, ranking up right up there with BLIND. Does that sound like big praise? It's meant to be. Even Mat McCurley said "Like, this is too good." Quest Busters has it all; absolutely astounding graphics, great pacing, and powerful characters. The animation in the video is unbelievably good.

Tanx and Wiki instantly won my heart. The characterization and design of each character was pitch-perfect, and the animation tells you everything you need to know about their relation. The story is fun and includes one hell of a twist ending.

I fervently hope we see future episodes.

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