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The Secret World beta coming 'before Christmas,' forums erupt [Updated]


Conspiracy theories abound on The Secret World's official forums due to a video released by the Montreal Gazette in which Funcom Canada CEO Miguel Caron mentions that the studio is aiming to open beta testing "before Christmas." Caron also goes on to mention that subscription fees for the game will be somewhere between $15 and $17.

Needless to say, the forums are in a flurry over this new information. What does this mean for The Secret War, which was intended to grant guaranteed beta access to high-ranking players? Why begin an open beta a whole four months prior to launch? And for the love of all that's sacred, what about those Sanctuary of Secrets tokens we got months ago?

Well, no one knows! Funcom has been tight-lipped on the matter, but stay tuned and we'll be sure to let you know as more news develops. Meanwhile, head on over to the official forums to join the fray, or jump past the cut for the video.

[Update: Funcom has responded to these rumors and says open beta will not begin before Christmas of this year.]

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