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Kickstarter project aims to add Bluetooth and waterproofing to your nano-powered iWatch


iPod Nano watches have taken off. With the addition of a well designed strap, your iPod Nano becomes an iWatch with different time faces, a music library, pedometer and a cool touch screen interface.

But some things have been lacking. For instance, the iWatch is obviously not waterproof, like so many traditional watches out there. And what about taking your iWatch to the next level with Bluetooth? Wouldn't it be cool to be able to stream your music to wireless speakers from your wrist? Boombotix seem to think so.

Through a Kickstarter project aiming to raise US$17,000, Boombotix is hoping to release the Proof: an iPod Nano watch strap with all-round rugged protection and three interchangeable adapters. One for waterproofing, a slightly larger adapter with Bluetooth support for wireless audio devices and one that simply locks your Nano into the strap as is for use with headphones.

If this sounds like the iWatch you've been looking for, check out the Kickstarter promo video here and the Boombotix website here.

[Via PCWorld]

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