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City of Steam browser title features unique steampunk world

Jef Reahard

Steampunk continues to be a source of fascination for both game geeks and game developers, and the latest example of the phenomenon in MMO circles is a new title called City of Steam.

An interview at Light Speed Gaming spills the beans on the browser-based title, which is being developed by a Chinese firm called Mechanist Games. If you've ever wanted to play a mechanical dwarf, or explore a world that is literally a giant machine, City of Steam may be your game. The setting is borrowed from a series of RPG books and incorporates all the elements of fantastical steampunk (plus a few novel twists) that fans of the genre have come to expect.

"The world itself is a giant machine, and is, in fact flat. The elemental planes aren't found by mystical methods -- you can literally walk across the teeth of the world to reach them. The sun and stars are actually tethered to the world, orbiting as gyroscopic pieces of the superstructure of existence," according to the designers. Head to Light Speed Gaming for more on the setting and the game mechanics, and don't forget to view the video embed after the break.

[Thanks to Soren for the tip!]

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