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Gearbox and Claptrap honor late Borderlands fan with eulogy, NPC in sequel


Michael John Mamaril was a huge Borderlands fan, until he died of cancer last month at the age of 22. His friend Carlo, also a Borderlands fan, asked Gearbox Software to have the game's snarky robot, Claptrap, eulogize Mamaril. Gearbox did, and it has also promised to include Mamaril as an NPC in Borderlands 2. You can hear the heartfelt eulogy from Claptrap and Gearbox on Soundcloud.

Gearbox has established itself as a pivotal figure in the Borderlands community, outside of simply creating the game. In April, Gearbox had Claptrap help a man propose to his girlfriend, and now we've seen the deeper side of its indulgence. Cheers, Gearbox, Carlo and, most of all, Michael John Mamaril.

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