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How Dance Central saved Harmonix


In 2010, the music-game bubble had burst and Harmonix was on the verge of shutting down; its parent company Viacom was trying desperately to sell, but no company was buying. And then Harmonix dropped Dance Central. Today, Dance Central is the second-best-selling game on Kinect, having sold more than 2.5 million copies -- and from that, Harmonix expects to report $100 million in revenue for 2011, its most profitable year ever.

Downloads are a large part of Harmonix's turnaround. It's sold about 100 million songs as paid DLC since 2006 for all of its titles, including Rock Band. At only 200 employees, $100 million isn't too shabby, and with two new titles in the works, Harmonix expects to double its profit in the coming years. Kinda makes you want to get up and dance -- no, wait. That's the fire ants.

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