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Japanese hardware sales, October 24 - 30: Marathon preparedness edition

Jordan Mallory

Next week is a pretty big week you guys, what with all the Modern Warfares and Skyrims and everything, and it's crucially important to make sure that you're prepared, both physically and mentally, for the extended periods of marathon gaming that lie ahead of you.

For instance, have you told your parents/coworkers/significant other(s) about what you'll be doing all next week? In order to avoid inadvertent police reports and costly missing person investigations, make sure to brief your social network on your pending absence from organized society. Also be sure to arrange for someone to swing by and feed whatever pets you may have, as remembering to feed yourself will be enough of a responsibility.

Speaking of feeding yourself, don't forget to do that! Nutritional sustenance is vital to maintaining a continually living body, despite what your mind may tell you when it's presented with the reality of momentarily leaving Skyrim. When the time comes to evacuate your bowels, we recommend constructing a complicated series of mirrors and periscopes in order to erect a line of sight between your toilet and your television. It's a costly investment, granted, but just imagine the alternative.

- 3DS: 65,041 [DOWN] 8,892 (12.03%)
- PSP: 30,605 [UP] 8,510 (38.52%)
- PS3: 25,217 [UP] 1,320 (5.52%)
- Wii: 11,784 [UP] 549 (4.89%)
- DSi LL: 2,009 [UP] 4 (0.20%)
- Xbox 360: 1,704 [UP] 84 (5.19%)
- PS2: 1,228 [DOWN] 68 (5.25%)
- DSi: 1,061 [DOWN] 232 (17.94%)
- DS Lite: 55 [UP] 19 (52.78%)

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