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Konami's social games made the first half of 2012 profitable, consumer sales down


Konami doubled its year-on-year profits in the first half of the 2012 fiscal period, with social games generating $216 million -- just $2 million less than its consumer games produced in the same time.

Konami's consumer-game market, which generated $218 million, fell 26 percent, while social and mobile revenue rose 230 percent. Sales of Metal Gear games dropped from 1.47 million in last year's first half, to just 340,000 this period. Overall, unit sales of Konami games dropped from 10.05 million to 7.36 million, or 34 percent. Social-game sales saved Konami's first half, recording 11 million total registered users for these titles, compared to 3 million in December 2010.

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