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Limbo-inspired short film 'The Tide' could be amazing


Hollywood has a difficult time innovating itself, usually running through film fads in periodic bursts of explosions, war dramas, too-witty children backed by indie-band soundtracks and 3D fantasy. Something truly different, yet just as resonant, is unlikely to be made in the backlot of Paramount Studios, with a huge budget and attention-grabbing actors. For example, a film based on Limbo won't be getting mainstream funding any time soon. That doesn't mean it shouldn't.

The Tide is a short-film project inspired by and created in the same art style as Limbo, in production from Samsquanch Films. Unsurprisingly for such a special-effects-loaded movie, it needs funding from some good people who like great games and movies. The Tide's Kickstarter offers goodies for your green, including T-shirts, stickers, associate producer credit, a role in the film and a custom oil painting. Besides, walking on top of monkey bars is hard -- surely these guys deserve a few bucks to help pay for the imminent hospital bill.

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