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Alan Wake's Night Springs goes 'This Old House' in first screen


You already know that Alan Wake's Night Springs is headed towards its big debut at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, and you already know that it'll arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. What you didn't know is that Mr. Wake has got himself a whole new "Bob Vila meets Twin Peaks" look going on, as revealed by Game Informer's exclusive first screenshot. Also, hey, he's got a gas-powered pneumatic nail gun! The darkness isn't gonna like nails in its stupid face, is it? Yeah!

It also appears that Wake's got quite a bit of walking ahead of him, as a nearby highway sign puts 15 miles between him and the titular town of Night Springs. Hopefully the Desert Shore Motel can help sate him for that journey with a damn fine cup of coffee and some delicious cherry pie.

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