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Instagram CEO hints at video sharing


Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt in Beijing last week, and hinted that video sharing would be coming soon to the popular mostly iOS-driven photo sharing service. "We really want to go after something bigger than filtered photos," he said, explaining that the service really wanted to let users share their entire lives, not just photos.

That's likely music to many Instagram users' ears -- there are more than 9 million people using the app already, and it's been praised quite a bit for its ease-of-use and excellent interface. And while, yes, there are plenty of ways to share video from the iPhone and the iPad as well, lots of users already have Instagram built into their social flow, so having video available on the service will be that much easier.

Unfortunately, Systrom said that while video is in the plans, it may be a while -- obviously including video on the service would require major upgrades to both the app itself and of course the servers running it. But hopefully such a service would be worth waiting for.

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