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Look behind you, it's Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection offers a new look at three stealth classics this week. Meanwhile, Explodemon!/Fluidity dev Curve Studio gives us a new look at the concept of stealth, with its high-speed, side-scrolling stealth game Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole.

Stealth Bastard offers a sort of Super Meat Boy-style action game full of small, self-contained rooms featuring platforming challenges and deadly traps -- with stealth as a new wrinkle. Not only do you have to run and jump, you have to stay in shadows or you'll end up juiced.

Stealth Bastard is free to download for PC right this second, and even includes a level editor. As a nice bonus, it's called Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole.

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