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Nokia to bear NFC guns in US, create its own mobile wallet?


Nokia is still champing at the bit when it comes to creating the so-called three horse race, but the Finnish mainstay has another three word secret weapon up its sleeve: NFC. In an interview with Electronista, the company's VP of Location and Commerce, Michael Halbherr, said the manufacturer plans to "equally support" NFC in the US, while remaining "accommodating and open" to various mobile payment schemes like Isis. He mentioned that it was "not clever" to commit to one payment system at this point, implying instead that Nokia may create its own version of the mobile wallet down the line. Although we're not sure which Nokia phone will be first to hit the States, looks like we won't have to hold our breath until we're blue... er... cyan in the face for NFC. Check out the source for the full interview.

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