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Rochard packs up its crates, moves to PC on November 15


Rochard will no longer be a PSN exclusive as of November 15, when Recoil Games uses its gravity gun to lift the puzzle-platformer from Sony's platform and deposit it on PC. It will be available through Steam for $9.99.

Rochard gives the player control of a gun that can be used to lift and reposition objects, in addition to the ability to alter gravity in the rooms in which you are attempting the aforementioned lifting and/or repositioning.

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HELSINKI, FINLAND – NOVEMBER 7, 2011 – Recoil Games today announced that Rochard, its action-packed side-scrolling puzzle platformer, is set to debut on PC on November 15th. Having enjoyed a successful launch on the PlayStation® Network earlier this September, Rochard is a critically-acclaimed gravity-bending adventure packed with puzzles, action, humor and a rich story full of fascinating alien mysteries. The game will be available for download through Steam, Valve's digital distribution platform, for $9.99.

"Rochard is a fun, original experience designed to test players' wits and coordination," said Samuli Syvähuoko, Founder of Recoil Games, Ltd. "We're incredibly excited to bring this game to PC users, since it's a natural fit for gamers across consoles as well as on PC. We can't wait to see PC gamers take Rochard through his adventure and watch the fun ways they use the game's mechanics to manipulate gravity and solve all of the challenges and puzzles."

Rochard follows the story of the humble astro-miner John Rochard as he and his mining team discovers an ancient structure hidden deep in an asteroid, mankind's first proof of extraterrestrial life. Soon after, John's team goes missing and space pirates attack the mine, and John quickly realizes there are dangerous forces at work, determined to use the mysterious discovery for their own means. Using only his wits, everyday mining tools and a healthy dose of sarcasm, John must fend off the pirates, save his team and solve the mystery behind his discovery.

Rochard features a modest hero, nefarious villains, big explosions, even bigger stunts and hilarious one-liners. The game allows players to change gravity at will to solve environmental puzzles and advance through each level. By using the main tool of the game, the upgradable G-Lifter, players can lift and maneuver boxes and heavy objects around the environment and can eventually swing, jump and propel themselves huge distances throughout each level. For more information, please visit

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