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Blizzard says mass layoffs are 'just a rumor'


Yesterday we ran a rumor that a senior level designer on Blizzard's Titan project, John Staats, had been laid off. We've received confirmation presumably from the man himself that he is no longer working at Blizzard, though the reasons for his firing are unknown. Rumors also ran wild that Blizzard had seen some kind of "mass layoffs," but Bashiok stopped by the forums today to put an end to that, saying, "Hey guys, out of respect for their privacy, we don't discuss individual employees, but the speculation circulating about 'massive layoffs at Blizzard' is just a rumor." Zahrym confirmed this on his personal Twitter account, as well. What Staats' absence will mean for the future of Titan remains to be seen, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get word.

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