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Nokia N9 swipes fresh goodies with PR1.1 update, NFC and Swype in tow

Zachary Lutz

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Outside of snapping up an even newer handset, N9 users who are looking to score a taste of the very latest from Nokia will uncover a delicious morsel waiting in the form of a software update. Known as PR1.1, the downloadable package adds such refinements as music controls on the lock screen, new status indicators on the standby screen, along with NFC tag support and Swype's renowned keyboard. The crew in Espoo also promises improved multitasking, noise cancellation and faster syncing of Mail for Exchange. Rounding out the list, the camera app has gained color filters for still and motion captures, and as for that option to close apps with a downward swipe -- it's now enabled by default. The update has begun rolling today, which Nokia will be deploying in waves. In other words, if you're not among the early recipients, persistence and patience will likely become your new mantra. Enjoy the freebie, folks.

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