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Report: Sony producing 'special' Move peripheral for BioShock Infinite [update: 2K says no]


We haven't heard exactly how BioShock Infinite will make use of the Move peripheral, only that it will; however, we now know that you'll have the option to play Infinite with its very own "special" Move device.

Videogamer caught the following note in a Move article on the UK PlayStation site: "A special PS Move peripheral is being produced that will draw you even deeper into this stunning vision of a parallel future." The article no longer makes any mention of a specialized peripheral, suggesting that this news got out a little bit early, and Sony and Irrational are now trying to open a tear in the fabric of reality into a parallel future where we don't know about this.

We're contacting Sony and Irrational now to try to learn more. Until then, let your imagination run wild! Is it a Skyhook? A bottle with a glowing ball on top?

[Update: 2K told CVG the purported device is not real.]

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