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Call of Duty: Black Ops has moved 20 million map packs to date


Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold 20 million map packs to date. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg noted the latest figure during yesterday's conference call, where the publisher announced strong revenues for the quarter.

"For the first nine months of the year, Black Ops has remained the number one title in the U.S. and Europe, generating more revenue than any new major console release," Hirshberg stated. "The revenues generated from map packs alone would make it the third largest console title of the year."

Black Ops received four map packs after launch, which Hirshberg said, "Further demonstrates that there is continued consumer interest in the content even 11 months after the launch, making playing Call of Duty truly a year-round activity for millions of our fans."

Activision announced 18 million Black Ops map packs were sold back in September, before the final sales push of the Rezurrection pack completed.

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