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A day in the life of a QA analyst


Blizzard has been celebrating its 20-year anniversary with loads of fun features looking behind the scenes at the company, including a look at a day in the life of John Shin, a QA analyst for World of Warcraft. His account of just a normal day around the office was written during the Cataclysm development cycle. Read about Shin's adventures in the Blizzard gym, meetings with production specialists, and epic tales of squashing bugs and taking names. If you've ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes, especially during the ramp-up to releasing a finished title, check out John Shin's story.

One of my favorite aspects of the story is that you get a real feel for how the culture at Blizzard wants games to be a vital part of the work environment. You're making video games for a living, after all. You've got to stock the office and encourage game play in all aspects of the job so that you're always thinking about what is fun and what works. John's story highlights Blizzard's goal of creating fun games within a fun atmosphere.

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