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Hong Kong line for iPhone 4S numbers in the thousands


We mentioned in passing that the iPhone 4S had sold out in ten minutes at the Hong Kong Apple Store, but given these pictures that have been posted online since, a statement like that doesn't really do the launch justice. That place looks like a madhouse -- thousands of people lined up to buy Apple's new iPhone, and the police were out in force with barricades and dogs to make sure everything went smoothly. Black market salesmen were buying and selling iPhones outside the store, apparently, and leaving the queue got your picture taken and your number checked. There were even "professional queuers," low income workers that were paid to simply stand in line and buy the phone when it became available.

The whole thing is a little shocking, actually -- here in the States, waiting in line for a new game or a new iPhone is kind of a silly thing to do to show your appreciation for a new product, but in Hong Kong it is serious business apparently. I hope nobody got hurt at the launch out there, and though it seems unlikely, I also hope everyone who wanted an iPhone day got one.

[photo by M.I.C gadget]

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