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(Rock) breaking news: new Asteroids game, more progress on Asteroids movie


Last time we checked, it was 2011, and yet we have two news items about Asteroids for you. First, Atari has released a new free-to-play Asteroids game to the iOS App Store called Asteroids Gunner, which adds multiple selectable ships, power-ups, upgrade shopping, achievements, dual-stick controls and other modern amenities to the well-known game of shooting big rocks to make them smaller rocks.

In other news, Slashfilm reports that Universal has just hired Evan Spiliotopoulos to write a new script for the Asteroids movie, which tenaciously continues existing despite the objection of everyone on Earth with some common sense.

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Atari's Asteroids: Gunner Readies, Aims and Fires onto iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Evolved Free-to-play Version of All-time Classic Asteroids Features Dual-stick Action and 150 Unique Levels

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 10, 2011 – Atari, one of the worlds most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, announced the launch of Asteroids®: Gunner today on the App Store. Asteroids: Gunner is a free-to-play, dual-stick action shooter for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, developed by Fluik Entertainment, the minds behind Office Jerk. In the first original sequel to the genre-defining arcade game Asteroids, released in 1979, players will journey across multiple galaxies in search of valuable cosmic crystals and exciting asteroid-blasting action. A turn-based multiplayer Challenge Mode is due for release in the game's first update, expected to hit later this year.

Take on the role of the Gunner on a journey across the galaxies, blasting his way through deadly asteroid fields and alien fleets as he works his way to the top of the gritty crystal mining industry. With three different ships under his command and three dangerous galaxies with 150 total enemy waves to crush, players will have a literal and metaphorical blast as they gain rank promotions and collect cosmic crystals in order to buy upgrades that will transform their space crafts into undeniable asteroid-destroying machines.

Features include:
Three all-new galaxies to explore and conquer, with 150 waves of asteroids and alien warships to obliterate
Dual-stick controls for firing and movement, perfect for non-stop blasting action
Access to three unique space crafts to pilot: the Miner, the Bomber and the Dart
Legions of power-ups and upgrades to customize your ship and turn it into an unstoppable force
Earn Crystals and purchase Space Bucks to unlock new galaxies and powerful upgrades
An extensive achievement system that lets you earn ranks... and bragging rights
OpenFeint and Game Center integration

"The successful launch of Atari's Greatest Hits this summer exceeded our expectations for the iOS platform, garnering over 3 million downloads to date," said Jim Wilson, CEO of Atari. "Asteroids: Gunner capitalizes on the innovation and potential of the app store and sets the path for more great games based on our legendary franchises while launching new original titles that meet the expectations of our dedicated fans and broader consumer base."

To download Asteroids: Gunner from the App Store, please use the following link:

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