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Swivl iPhone mount follows your movements


Swivl is one of those iPhone accessories that catches your eye because it's so different. It's a cellphone holder with a motorized, swiveling base that tracks your movement. It has an external marker that you can wear or place on the moving object that you want to follow. And it doesn't move just left or right, it also tracks up and down. It's meant for recording hands-free video during those times when you just can't sit still and need to move.

Swivl was developed by California company Satarri and was originally called the Star. It was initially funded through IndieGoGo, a community-based funding service similar to KickStarter. After eight months of refinement, Swivl is now available for pre-order at a very reasonable US$159. It will ship in 2012 and a working prototype will be on display at CES this coming January. If it's anything like the video below, it's going to be an excellent companion for the iPhone 4S.

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