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En Masse talks more on Creatures of Magnitudinous Derrieres


Mmmyes, quite. TERA's press onslaught continues in full-force (though still sans release date) as En Masse Entertainment has released some new information regarding -- you guessed it -- Big Ass Monsters. Of particular note in the article is the ovolith, an arachnid BAM that transforms into a cocoon and is capable of spraying players with a lethal venom. Players, of course, can't just rely on the random number generator to save them. They have to actively dodge the poison as well as the monster's quick pincer attacks.

The game's Monster Concept Lead Artist, Junghyun Kim, says there are certain challenges that arise when designing new creatures. Kim states that "The monster's outer shape matters a lot in combat because TERA lets players aim their attacks naturally. Auto-targeting games only need a normal attack with different attack motions, but we have more aspects to consider because the player's character actually gets hit in TERA. But this extra challenge is one of the joys of creating monsters for TERA." Well, that's great, but can we get a release date please? Pretty please?

[Source: En Masse Entertainment press release]

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