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Final Fantasy XI goes 11-11-11 wild


You totally can't blame Square-Enix for taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime 11/11/11 calendar event to throw a Final Fantasy XI promotion. That's serendipity, right there.

With the "11 on 11-11-11" sale, the company is unleashing a thunderstorm of lightning deals. Starting off, curious players can give Final Fantasy XI a try for free for 14 days with a new account. If the sampling is deemed subscription-worthy, the full Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition can be purchased for 50% off the retail price. This package includes the core game, four expansions, three scenarios, and three Abyssea battle areas.

And while you can't purchase it today on the 11th, Square-Enix wants to let you know that the Final Fantasy XI Plus soundtrack will go on sale on the 15th. This two-disc OST has previously unreleased tunes from the game and PlayOnline. Players who snag a first-edition copy will also get a code for an in-game keyboard that will play a random tune when you enter your house. You can only preorder this right now through the Square-Enix store.

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