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Sony shows off Vita's content sharing application


The PlayStation Vita will join the happy network of PCs, PSPs, and PS3s sharing data now, allowing users to move save data, music, and more from system to system -- or "transfar" it, if you prefer.

The official Vita site updated with details about the Vita's sharing application. That program allows users to back up and store Vita contents to a PC, download games from the PlayStation Store to a PC or PS3 and copy them over, and copy music, video, and pictures back and forth. If you plan to play games mostly at home, a PC offers much cheaper storage than a large Vita memory card.

At the official site, you can also get a look at the music player, photo, video, and browser applications. The text is in Japanese, but we have the utmost confidence that you'll be able to interpret the icons for each.

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