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Gamestop's Black Friday deals are about what you'd expect, still bonkers

Jordan Mallory

Black Friday is already looking pretty crazy this year, and Gamestop won't be doing anything to reduce the amount of consumerist insanity permeating the American consciousness. If anything, the fact that its sales flier proudly boasts that limited edition Zelda 3DS on its front cover indicates a clear and unmistakable aim to misbehave, in a metaphorical, capitalist sense.

We'll save you the headache of an unwieldy bulleted list by telling you that the long and short of the sale is widely similar to other retail offerings: Discounted 360s and PS3s ($149 and $199 respectively), recent titles discounted by $10 to $30, etc. Check out the 12 page flier for complete details, and when you're tempted by these impressive discounts, remember how small and innavigable the average Gamestop is on a normal day, let alone on the busiest shopping day of the year.

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