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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is holding a sale of its own

Jordan Mallory

Pfft, Black Friday? Big-box retailers like Best Buy and Toys R' Us may think they know what the deep discount is all about, but their savings a'int got nothin' on how good Crazy Eddie's is hookin' you up. That's right folks, for this weekend only, every single comic featured below is absolutely free!

You heard right, free! That's a one-hundred percent discount made possible by our extensive network of webcomics suppliers! What are you, stupid? We buy in bulk, and somehow that translates to ridiculous savings for you! Make sure and vote for your favorite after the break!!

Some restrictions apply. No interest or zero percent APR financing available only to qualified buyers. "Free" is a relative term which can and will be redefined at any time by Charles "Crazy Eddie" Herbermensongen. Crazy Eddie's Discount Webcomics Superstore and its employees reserve the right to rummage through your pockets for loose change and Jolly Ranchers.

Their Names Means Big (Penny Arcade)
Motion of the Ocean (Extralife)
Yoga Flame War (Dueling Analogs)
We care! (Nerf Now!!)
We are on the cutting edge of comedy here. (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)
Grand Theft Caught-O (Brentalfloss: The Comic)


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