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ArcheAge CBT4 will feature new continent, playable race

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge's fourth Korean closed beta phase is less than a month away, and the testing window is shaping up to be both longer (80 days) and more far-reaching than any of the previous three periods.

In advance of the CBT4 kickoff, MMO Culture has released a new interview with XLGAMES head honcho Jake Song that was conducted at last week's G-Star convention in Korea. Song says the main goal of CBT4 is twofold: There is some bug-squashing and optimization left over from CBT3, and testing of the game's new continent should begin in earnest. While Song says that players will be able to occupy portions of the new landmass from the start, they should not expect castle siege functionality right away, as it's still possible that sieging may not make the CBT4 cut.

There's also a bit of info about the new playable race (the Hariharan) and a few other tidbits.

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