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Japanese Hardware Sales, October 31 - November 6: Rocky road edition

Jordan Mallory

News of the cinematic adaptation of Asteroids resurfaced earlier this week when Slashfilm reported that Universal has hired Evan Spiliotopoulos (responsible for that upcoming Snow White thing) to pen the script for the worst idea anyone has ever had, and that the plot is still similar to reports from 2009: Two brothers must find each other, and themselves, in outer space. Or something.

You know, we looked into it, and it turns out Hollywood already made a much better Asteroids movie in 1998 staring Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler's mouth. It had an Aerosmith soundtrack and everything.

3DS: 145,271 [UP] 80,230 (123.35%)
PSP: 27,952 [DOWN] 2,653 (8.67%)
PS3: 26,966 [UP] 1,749 (6.94%)
Wii: 11,725 [DOWN] 59 (0.50%)
DSi LL: 2,041 [UP] 32 (1.59%)
Xbox 360: 1,699 [DOWN] 5 (0.29%)
PS2: 1,457 [UP] 229 (18.65%)
DSi: 1,057 [DOWN] 4 (0.38%)
DS Lite: 33 [DOWN] 22 (40.00%)

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