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Apple shuts down iPod-themed baby clothes shop


Apple has sent a shut down notice to an online retailer that sold iPod-themed baby clothes. Website ipopmybaby has been selling onesies and other baby clothes adorned with Apple's signature iPod click wheel or the iPhone home screen for the past several years. The clothes are adorable and reasonably priced which has made them a hit for parents of future fanboys (and girls).

According to a notice on ipopmybaby's website, Apple has asked them to stop selling the clothes. The website will shut down on December 11 and is selling its remaining inventory at a discounted price. Everything is available on a first come, first serve basis for US$12.

Apple fiercely defends its products and isn't afraid of sending cease and desist letters to those who infringe on its trademarks and patents. It pursued Amazon and GetJar over the use of the word App Store and is in a high-profile legal battle with Samsung over its Galaxy devices.

[Via PC Advisor]

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