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Encased iPad survives 1300 foot drop, because why not?


The folks at G-Form make athletic pads and rugged iPad cases, but they must really hate Apple's tablet over there. Not only did they drop a bowling ball on it and drop it out of a plane at 500 feet, but now they've doubled that distance, throwing a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a height of 1300 feet (almost 400 meters), complete with movies playing.

Since you probably wouldn't be watching the video below if the iPad broke, the case indeed does protect the devices (though that case does look a little worse for the wear). In a review of G-Form's cases, we liked the protection a lot, but I agree -- it's not a very good looking case, and especially if (like me), you like to keep the iPad's form factor lean and sleek, it's not a good choice for that either. But then again, if you're in a situation where you absolutely need to protect your iPad and aren't worried about how it ends up looking, it certainly seems like G-Form's protection is a good way to go.

[via TechCrunch]

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