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Must See HDTV (November 14th - 20th)


This week is all about going retro. Whether we're taking it back hundreds of years with knights and jousting, a half century or so for classics like West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and Looney Tunes, or just a decade to a classic videogame it's time to take a look back at where we've been. The good news is thanks to technology all are able to look better than ever -- although we'll hold off final judgement on the knights for now. Check below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listings of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
It's been ten years since Halo set off the storm of console first person shooters, and now the original is back and looking better than ever. This will no doubt thrill those who never got over the loss of its super-powered pistol in the subsequent Halo games, or pretty much anyone with fond memories of CTF runs in Blood Gulch. Our friends at Joystiq found everything intact and upgraded, however the Kinect integration was noted as "perfunctory." We probably won't be yelling "Reload!" at our screens very much but we'll definitely take this chance to rewind the clock in HD & 3D.
(November 15th, $40 on Amazon)

Knights of Mayhem
we've never been in love with this trend of odd reality TV shows taking over networks that were previously devoted to science and exploration, but this one's odd enough that we'll give it a chance. Knights of Mayhem depicts the sport of full-contact professional jousting, all done King Arthur-style on horseback wearing heavy armor. We've seen enough episodes of Game of Thrones to know this can be pretty dangerous, but on the upside, a round might last longer than last weekend's UFC bout on Fox. Check out a trailer embedded after the break.
(November 15th, National Geographic, 9 & 10PM)

MLS Cup Final
The entire MLS season has come down to this weekend's final match between the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo. David Beckham has scored Comeback Player of the Year honors for his effort in returning from a torn Achilles to lead LA to the final match, we'll see if he and Coach of the Year Bruce Arena have what it takes to win the cup pictured above. That's about the extent of the soccer analysis we can offer, for the best of America's other pro football, tune in to ESPN Sunday night.
(November 20th, ESPN, 9PM)

Blu-ray & Games
  • West Side Story (50th Anniversary Edition)
  • My Fair Lady
  • Bizet: Carmen 3D
  • Farscape: The Complete Series
  • Larry Crowne
  • Looney Tunes: Volume One
  • Infernal Affairs
  • Need for Speed: The Run (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Xbox 360)
  • Saints Row: The Third (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Assassin's creed: Revelations (Xbox 360 & PS3)


  • Vikings/Packers Monday Night Football, ESPN, 8:30PM
  • How I Met Your Mother, CBS, 8PM
  • Terra Nova, Fox, 8PM
  • Dancing With The Stars, ABC, 8PM
  • The Sing-Off, NBC, 8PM
  • 2 Broke Girls, CBS, 8:30PM
  • House, Fox, 9PM
  • Two And A Half Men, CBS, 9PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 8PM
  • American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, Discovery, 9PM
  • Scare Tactics, Syfy, 9PM
  • Bored To Death, HBO, 9PM
  • Mike & Molly, CBS, 9:30PM
  • Enlightened, HBO, 9:30PM
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 10PM
  • Rock Center with Brian Williams, NBC, 10PM
  • 1000 Ways To Die, Spike, 10PM
  • American Guns, Discovery, 10PM
  • Death Valley, MTV, 11PM


  • Tosh.0 (season finale), Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Knights of Mayhem (series premiere), National Geographic, 9 & 10PM
  • Engineering Evil (special presentation), History, 9PM
  • Last Man Standing, ABC, 8PM
  • Glee, Fox, 8PM
  • 90210, CW, 8PM
  • NCIS, CBS, 8PM
  • Man Up!, ABC, 8:30PM
  • NCIS: LA, CBS, 9PM
  • Dancing With The Stars, ABC, 9PM
  • Ringer, CW, 9PM
  • New Girl, Fox, 9PM
  • Raising Hope, Fox, 9:30PM
  • Parenthood, NBC, 10PM
  • Sons of Anarchy, FX, 10PM
  • Body of Proof, ABC, 10PM
  • Unforgettable, CBS, 10PM
  • Covert Affairs, USA, 10PM
  • Auction Hunters, Spike TV, 10PM
  • Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan, G4, 10PM
  • Flip Men, Spike, 10:30PM
  • Workaholics, Comedy Central, 10:30PM


  • South Park (season finale), Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Nick Swardson's Pretend Time (season finale), 10:30PM
  • Survivor, CBS, 8PM
  • Up All Night, NBC, 8PM
  • The X-Factor, Fox, 8PM
  • The Middle, ABC, 8PM
  • Suburgatory, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Modern Family, ABC, 9PM
  • Criminal Minds, CBS, 9PM
  • Inside The NFL, Showtime, 9PM
  • Harry's Law, NBC, 9PM
  • Nova, PBS, 9PM
  • Mythbusters, Discovery, 9PM
  • Happy Endings, ABC, 9:30PM
  • Psych, USA, 10PM
  • American Horror Story, FX, 10PM
  • The Real World, MTV, 10PM
  • CSI, CBS, 10PM
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC, 10PM
  • Whitechapel, BBCA, 10PM
  • The Ultimate Fighter, Spike, 10PM
  • Inside NASCAR, Showtime, 10PM
  • Blue Mountain State, Spike, 11PM


  • Big Shrimpin' (series premiere), History, 10PM
  • Jets/Broncos Thursday Night Football, NFL Network, 8PM
  • Community, NBC, 8PM
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 8PM
  • The X-Factor, Fox, 8PM
  • Parks & Recreation, NBC, 8:30PM
  • Rules of Engagement, CBS, 8:30PM
  • Bones, Fox, 9PM
  • The Office, NBC, 9PM
  • Person of Interest, CBS, 9PM
  • Less Than Kind, DirecTV 101, 9PM
  • Call Me Fitz, DirecTV 101, 9:30PM
  • Whitney, NBC, 9:30PM
  • Burn Notice, USA, 10PM
  • The Mentalist, CBS, 10PM
  • Prime Suspect, NBC, 10PM
  • Private Practice, ABC, 9 & 10PM
  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, FX, 10PM
  • Beavis & Butt-head, MTV, 10PM
  • Good Vibes, MTV, 10:30PM
  • The League, FX, 10:30PM
  • Gigolos, Showtime, 11PM


  • Fringe (fall finale), Fox, 9PM
  • Chuck, NBC, 8PM
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Cartoon Network, 8PM
  • A Gifted Man, CBS, 8PM
  • WWE SmackDown, Syfy, 8PM
  • Nikita, CW, 8PM
  • Grimm, NBC, 9PM
  • Meet the Browns, TBS, 8 & 8:30PM
  • CSI: NY, CBS, 9PM
  • House of Payne, TBS, 9 & 9:30PM
  • Supernatural, CW, 9PM
  • Sanctuary, Syfy, 10PM
  • Onion News Network, IFC, 10PM
  • Boss, Starz, 10PM
  • Blue Bloods, CBS, 10PM
  • X-Men Anime, G4, 11PM
  • Viper's Creed, G4, 11:30PM


  • Donald Glover: Weirdo (special presentation), Comedy Central, 11PM
  • Cops, Fox, 8PM
  • Primeval, BBCA, 9PM
  • Saturday Night Live: Jason Segel / Florence + The Machine, NBC, 11:30PM


  • LA Galaxy/Houston Dynamo MLS Cup Final, ESPN, 9PM
  • How To Make It America (season finale), HBO, 10:30PM
  • Curiosity (season finale), Discovery, 9PM
  • American Music Awards, ABC, 8PM
  • 60 Minutes, CBS, 7PM
  • The Cleveland Show, Fox, 7:30PM
  • The Simpsons, Fox, 8PM
  • Once Upon A Time, ABC, 8PM
  • The Amazing Race, CBS, 8PM
  • Allen Gregory, Fox, 8:30PM
  • Eagles/Giants football, NBC, 8:15PM
  • Family Guy, Fox, 9PM
  • Dexter, Showtime, 9PM
  • The Good Wife, CBS, 9PM
  • Boardwalk Empire, HBO, 9PM
  • The Walking Dead, AMC, 9PM
  • American Dad, Fox, 9:30PM
  • CSI: Miami, CBS, 10PM
  • Hell on Wheels, AMC, 10PM
  • Hung, HBO, 10PM
  • Homeland, Showtime, 10PM
  • Around The World In 80 Ways, History, 11PM

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