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Australian iPhone 4S injunction hearing set for March


Last month, Samsung filed for an injunction that would ban the sale of the iPhone 4S in Australia. Samsung filed this injunction based on three patents it holds for WCDMA and HSPA connectivity. Rather than push for an immediate temporary injunction that would affect the holiday quarter, Samsung has agreed to pursue an expedited full injunction to be decided in March 2012.

Samsung released a statement and is reportedly happy with the decision to seek a full injunction.

Samsung is pleased with this outcome as we believe expediting the main proceedings will be the most effective way for Samsung to protect our intellectual property rights and bring about a final resolution to this case.

Apple, though, may not be as pleased with this decision. Lawyers for the Cupertino company pushed for a later trial date in July or August because it needed the extra time to schedule its witnesses. Apple is involved in several trials with Samsung worldwide and is apparently running into scheduling conflicts. The judge in this case denied Apple's request and said such a long delay would make the injunction useless.

Unless something changes, Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 4S in Australia for the next four months. Samsung, on the other hand, is still fighting an injunction that bans the sale of Galaxy devices down under. The next hearing in this case with Apple will take place on November 25. Samsung is hoping to overturn this injunction and cash in on some of the lucrative holiday sales.

[Via GigaOM]

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