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Uncharted 3 'Helghast' skin DLC arrives today, Fortune Hunters get for free

If you went in on the $24.99 "Fortune Hunters" club membership for the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3, then your list of (already beefed up) character skins will be increased with today's PSN update. That's when the Helghast DLC arrives on the PlayStation Store, adding the Capture Trooper skin, ISA helmet and iconic Helghast helmet to your collection for free. If you're super into PS3 franchise mash-ups but didn't join the Fortune Hunters, you can pick up the pack for $1.49.

This information comes to us from PlayStation Blog, which also has a few teaser images of the maps which will be added to the game in the coming months. That's one of them, posted right above. Doesn't that look serene? Doesn't it look idyllic? Don't you just want to grab a dude and throw him off that waterfall?

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