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Batman gets a big head in this Arkham City Easter egg


Wondering how to take Batman's already Arkham-sized head and make it into something more Gotham-sized? The Rooster Teeth folks have figured it out, releasing a tell-all video (watch out for the F-bomb!) on Batman: Arkham City's "Big Head Mode," which can apparently be applied using the Cryptography Sequencer.

The guys warn that the mode is only available in "Normal or higher" difficulties, though it'll also work in New Game Plus mode. Essentially, by holding down both triggers and maneuvering each analog stick in opposite circles of movement, the Big Head mode Easter egg will activate, rendering all forms of Batman and Catwoman (as well as enemies) with enormous noggins and puffy hands. And yes, in case you can't watch the video above just yet, it is absolutely adorable.

[Thanks, Geoff.]

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