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How Irrational's cancelled 'The Lost' found itself in India


Irrational Games opened up its virtual "Vault," delivering information about its appropriately named PS2/Xbox game The Lost. "It was Silent Hill meets Zelda meets Devil May Cry in the sense that it was a series of levels in linear fashion, but within the levels, there was freedom," explained Games Design Director Bill Gardner.

Though Irrational decided not to release the project, it ended up making it to retail -- in India. Irrational decided to license the game to an Indian studio called FXLabs, whose CEO was working to build up the Indian game industry. FXLabs kept the game design, but localized it for PC as Agni: Queen of Darkness, even adding Bollywood actors. Above, actress Malaika Arora performs in a music video built around footage of the game.

In other words, there's an Irrational game out there you haven't played. Try to live with that!

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