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New TERA videos highlight BAMs, again

Jef Reahard

Oh TERA, forever teasing us with new press releases about BAMs in lieu of meaty gameplay details (or heaven forbid, a release date). The latest blurb comes courtesy of Frogster, the fantasy title's European publisher, and it features three new videos that provide a sneak peek at three more of the game's ubiquitous big-ass monsters.

Each video runs for about a minute and each gives future denizens of Arborea a good look at the ovolith, the teralith, and the kumas BAMs in their native environments. Whether you're into creepy spiders, giant rock dudes, or beer-bellied behemoths that shoot death rays out of their stomachs (really), you'll probably find something to your liking in one of Frogster's new clips. Head past the break to see them all.

[Source: Frogster press release]

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