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PlayStation Suite beta starting (for Japanese devices) later on this month


Sony has announced more details about the beta for the PlayStation Suite. That's the development program (similar to Apple's App Store or Microsoft's Xbox Live Indie Games) which will allow third-party video game developers to produce games that can be released, with Sony's approval, on to the PS Vita and other Sony and Android devices. The beta itself will be launched in "late November," with an SDK available to select developers then, and Sony will refine and clean up the program for a public release at a later unannounced date.

At launch, Sony says the PS Suite content will be available on PlayStation certified devices only, including the PS Vita, and the Xperia line of mobile phones and Sony's upcoming "Sony Tablet" models S and P. Sony specifically mentions that the devices listed are currently only available in the Japanese market, and while it's probably true that we'll eventually see PS Suite content on the North American Xperia Play smartphone (and the Sony tablets, if and when they're released here), that's not yet confirmed.

It's still very early in the process -- it will likely be a while before we see any third-party content up and running (much less available to buy) on these devices.

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