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The Daily Grind: When have you been Good Samaritaned?


This past weekend I decided to explore an MMO I'd previously barely scratched -- EverQuest II -- and found, to my delight, that it's quite an involving and enjoyable game. Yet being a newbie in a land of veterans can be an intimidating experience, and I found myself stumbling over questions, restrictions, and ignorance as I made my way through the beginning zone of Darklight Woods.

I was bowled over, then, when a high-level character did an MMO version of a drive-by shooting. Only instead of bullets, he fired a couple large backpacks my way without any demands or even really expecting gratitude. He simply saw a lowbie who could use a helping hand, and became the Good Samaritan for me that day.

So when have you, for lack of a better term, been "Good Samaritaned" by a player who went out of their way to help you even though you were a stranger to them?

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