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BMW, Mini offer MOG streaming for iPhone


BMW Group understands that people don't want to fumble with their iPhone just to listen to music in their car. They want it to be easy, which is why the auto manufacturer has partnered with MOG to let iPhone owners stream on-demand music directly to their dashboard.

BMW Group has embraced mobile technology and included an in-car infotainment system in select 2011 BMW and Mini cars. This infotainment system will connect to an iPhone and let you listen to Pandora, navigate to local businesses and even update your Twitter or Facebook status.

Now BMW and Mini owners can use this infotainment system to access MOG. MOG is an on-demand streaming music service that lets you listen to the music you want, when you want. You can select your favorite tracks from a catalog of over 12 million songs. There's also artist-only stations and a decent recommendation engine to help you find new songs.

To get MOG in their car, BMW and Mini owners have to sign up for the MOG primo service, download the MOG app and connect their iPhone to their car.

[Via ipodnn]

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