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CD Projekt working on new IP, multiple multiplatform releases


According to a translation of the livestream of CD Projekt's recent Investor's Day, the Polish developer behind The Witcher is working on a brand new IP, along with a whole bunch of other releases over the next few years. The Witcher 2 is still due out on Xbox next year, and then CD Projekt says it's also working on two more "AAA+" titles for 2014 and 2015. Between then and now, the company also hopes to put out three smaller budget titles -- two with a budget/staff grade of "A", and 1 "AA"-sized game.

All of the titles are set up for "multiplatform" release, though which platforms isn't yet clear. But the company says it's still working on developing the RED engine, and since that engine is already designed for PC and Xbox development, we'll guess those two. CD Projekt promises more news on all of these titles soon, and since both "AAA+" titles expect to take 3-5 years to develop, it's a good guess at least one of those is already under development. We'll keep an eye open for more.

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